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Meet your teacher

Melani Kovač

Dropsmith's founder, Aromatherapist and Lecturer at Higher school of applied sciences

Melani devoted over 10 years solely to aromatherapy. To serve this purpose she’s founded Aromainstitut through which she organises and supports different aromatherapy projects, collaborates with colleagues, non-profit organisations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, universities and anyone who can benefit from aromatherapy or is hoping to incorporate aromatherapy in their work. She was invited as a lecturer all over the globe because of her unique expertise and style of teaching. So far she lectured for over a thousand different pharmacists and health professionals as well as aromatherapy students. Her IT background, curiosity as well as working as an educator for a very wide variety of students along with collaborating with distillers, sellers, nurses and scientists inspired her to create a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers - Dropsmith. Her goal is to make aromatherapy simple, fun and as precise and as safe as possible.

"I've been getting numerous similar questions on specific issues and this inspired me to create an online workshop to make my answers available to everyone. I believe that the best and fastest way I can contribute to our community, at this delicate time, is to share this information so that you can obtain quality information and safety guidelines you need right now. I will guide you through it so you can apply it to your specific needs.

I want this opportunity to be available NOW and for everyone. So, you can join this group until the end of the Power Drops workshop. The group can then share the experiences, questions and support each other and I can adjust to every group's specific needs. I hope to answer as many of your questions as I can and will certainly give you enough material to download and accommodate your needs.

I am looking forward to our aromatic journey and sincerely hope to contribute to our community. Join me this Friday and make sure to invite some friends too."

Our Contributors

The experts contributing with their generous insights, recommendations, and recipes answering your questions on current COVID-19 issues

Madeleine Kerkhof

A former RN and an expert and world-renowned educator in Clinical Aromatherapy who will be answering a few very specific questions you send me on the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Madeleine is the author of “Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care” (2015), and “CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy, 50+ Extracts for Clinical Applications” (2018). She is highly specialized in the care for the frailest patients and elderly, in oncology, in palliative and end of life care.

Ruta Aldonyte

MD, Ph.D., and aromatherapist with expertise that includes the implications of aromatherapy in scientific and medical practices, air pollution mitigation strategies, cell biology methods, disease modeling, biosensors, and biomarkers. She will start by explaining what Coronavirus (COVID-19) is and how it affects us and then explain how can we use essential oils to support our immune system and respiratory health and much more.

Marija Kolarović

Ms. Ph. a pharmacist, clinical aromatherapist, phytotherapist and educator including almost 20 years of experience working with patients in a clinical setting. Marija has taken her passion for nature and phytotherapy to the next level by providing quality aromatherapy remedies for her patients at the apothecary as well as sharing her knowledge through aromatherapy education and she will share some of her recipes to support you at this delicate time.

What people say about Melani

Arom. Pharm. Aslı Yazıcıoğlu

Melani's analytical and rational approach to aromatherapy is always at the forefront. On the other hand, her ability to combine her deep life experiences with aromatherapy provides a strong basis for her holistic approach.

Gergely Hollodi Aroma Botanica - Instructor at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy Editor In Chief of Aromatika magazin

Melani is an experienced and professional aromatherapy educator. She perseverantly seeks new information Her teaching is a combination of precision and a trustworthy style. She well deserved a spot in our Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Summit amongst the other 60 plus world renown educators.

Eliane Zimmermann - author of the first reference book about aromatherapy in the German language (1998), now in the 7th edition!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Melani‘s project at the Botanica2018 conference. She presented her labour of love in a very contagious way. Were I not into evidence-based aromatherapy she would have probably had convinced me to dive into it!

Ruta Aldonyte - MD, PhD, on behalf of Association of Lithuanian Aromatherapy

We are extremely grateful for this transfer of knowledge. It is a very new view point in aromatherapy: not based on books but on live constantly growing scientific database of knowledge and on precise chemical blueprint of each individual oil. This brings long awaited novel approach into knowing and using our beloved essential oils. It was a breakthrough for us and we greatly appreciate your effort to bring it to us.

MSc Željko Radmanović - Master of Osteopathy, BSc, D.O., educator and aromatherapist

I collaborate with Melani for almost a full decade now and appreciate her work and effort. Her excellence and dedication to aromatherapy are why she is a guest lecturer to my education programs, furthermore, I invited her to participate in the National Vocational Qualifications committee where we created the first-ever National Vocational Qualification catalogue for Aromatherapy in Slovenia.

Jody Elleaume - herbalist and aromatherapy educator

I met Melani during a seminar in Provence (France) where her lectures and contribution was greatly appreciated for her professionalism and relevance. She manages to make aromatic biochemistry accessible to everyone in a practical and fun way. Her work is so good that I recommend Dropsmith site to all my students at Myrtéa formations my school of aromatherapy in France.

Rosemarie Rosa Ilic - Chemist Scientist MS, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Professional and Essential oils & plant extracts enthusiast

Melani and Dropsmith thrilled me with their essential oils information, supplier and distillery information, and notably their research and access to numerous scientific publications.
I followed Melani's activities and her contribution to Aromatherapy a long time before I met her at the 2019 AIA International Aromatherapy Conference while attending her workshop ‘Connecting the Dots in Aroma Chemistry’. As a chemist, I am critical of the approach to how the chemistry of essential oils is presented and taught, but this time I was satisfied, with Melani’s simple yet interesting demonstration and the logical application of essential oils (aroma) chemistry.
Also, from a U.S. point of view, I appreciate Melani’s and Dropsmit’s efforts to unite the individual aromatherapies across countries and continents.

Fiona Carr & Elizabeth Rea - aromatherapists Rayka Education Pty Ltd. Australia.

After meeting Melani Kovac (Dropsmith) at Botanica 2014, we have delighted in watching the development and growth of Dropsmith. What a tool this is both for students, aromatherapists, formulators and researchers – congratulations!
Melani speaks and educates from the heart, with great passion & knowledge. Her message and the message from Dropsmith is conveyed with integrity, clarity and conciseness.
We wish you well Melani Kovac (Dropsmith) and thank you for the contribution you and your team make to our industry – congratulations!

Prof. Dr. Nina Kočevar Glavač - Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology and chief editor of 'Modern Cosmetics'

What the GC-MC profile of an essential oil means to a modern scientist, Dropsmith means to aromatherapy. Or simply put, I see Dropsmith as a powerful tool to strengthen the evidence-based perspective of aromatherapy in terms of its therapeutic value. In addition to its scientific-medicinal context, it should become the leading global platform for essential oil producers.